Kiwiteck creates applications that your users enjoy using them.

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Our organization creates the appropriate app for your commercial activity, cheap and quickly. At the same time that we are creating your app, we will train you so that you can use our software in the best way for your company.


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Our design and development process

KiwiTeck understand the necessity of create an app that can be usefull for your company, and without waste time our experienced professionals develop that. You can take part of the development process telling us your ideas about the app to together makes the app of your dreams.


In this stage we make an analysis of requirements to develop the app. Which are identified by our clients and analyzed by our work team in order to have a clear vision about the funcionalities that the software require, so we can avoid confusions about requirements of the software that can be ambiguous or contradictious.

For us is so important count with the accompaniment of our clients, in this way, we promise that the software developed can reach all expectations that our users hope.


We use SCRUM as metodology for development, with this we can progress fastly and reliable in your project. We provide the innovation, flexibility and productivity that your company needs.


During the development process of your project we will make incremental deliveries, so you can assess compliance with initial requirements and bring us a feedback with possible improvements or functionalities that you wish your software have.

Our Services

We offer custom software that can cover the needs of your company with the latest technologies on the market, we guarantee the correct operation and best user experience in our projects, we guarantee the best performance and UX that you were looking for your company

Strategic positioning

Increase your reach in the market by offering your products in the cloud, making an intelligent monitoring of what your customers are looking for to optimize the profits of your company


We accompany you during the deployment process of your software, we’ll attend your doubts and concerns, we’ll provide you with timely imformation so that you can always get the most out of our product

Modifications and updates

We listen your suggestions and ideas always in order to improve the innovation and productivity of your company. We offer you a software that can adapt to the present and future needs on the market

Mobile app development

We develop hybrid and native applications, with the best design paterns and current technologies, providing you with the quality product that your company needs

User experiences

We focus on creating a unique and friendly experience for your clients, we guarantee an useful software that could becomes an ally of your company


We have certifications in products made for abroad by PROCOLOMBIA also we won a medal as a freelancer talent awarded by Rising Talent Upwork

Web development

We make responsive web apps to be compatible with multiple devices, easy to use and powerful features that will help you improve the performance of your company


We use the best database managers on the market, allowing you to store unlimited information about your clients and services so you can access it at any time you want


We offer you a robust security system for your software we encryp your company data so that you and your clients can navigate with complete confidence and peace of mind 

Some of the develop technologies that we use 

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